About Our Workshops

Skills You Will Learn

In the course of this weekend workshop & certification program, you will learn to:

  • Present your client evidence-based research to educate about available options, choices, and alternatives for the healthiest and safest birth.

  • Create & preserve a safe birthing environment understanding its importance to the psychological & physiological process of a healthy, normal birth.
  • Develop & define the scope of your practice & learn how to create professional protocols for the services you choose to offer.
  • Provide highly effective labor support to your clients by utilizing techniques which can reduce the client’s discomfort, promote faster, safer births, & reduce the need for medication & medically unnecessary interventions.
  • Support the birthing family when pregnancy or birth doesn’t go as planned.
  • Communicate effectively & professionally with clients, partners, families, & medical professionals, establishing trust & mutual empowerment among the birthing team.
  • Conduct prenatal & postpartum visits, take a comprehensive history, and maintain client confidentiality.
  • Market & promote yourself as a professional Birth Doula in your community.

Please Note: There Are No Prerequisites to Attend the Workshop

What You Will Receive

Your tuition includes:

  • Workshop
    Attend 3 full days, 26 hours of information, affirmation, and inspiration.
  • toLabor Program Manual
    The toLabor manual contains over 200 pages of worksheets, resources, sample forms, & certification paperwork.
  • Membership Activation (one year)
  • Personal Attention, Networking & Support
    Receive support from the toLabor local sponsor
    1 email or 30 minute phone consult with Executive Director (fee for additional consults for 30 mins and 60 mins)
  • Referrals
    Listing on toLabor’s website to receive online referrals
  • Certification Forms
    Earn internationally recognized certification through completing the requirements. Additional certification fee required, please contact toLabor office for details.

And as a Special Bonus: Past graduates of our training who are current members may attend a workshop again for a reduced rate.

Workshop at a Glance

shona_1423The toLabor workshop has been designed to encompass a variety of learning styles and includes a strong emphasis on experiential learning. These exercises provide participants with hands-on practice using labor support techniques and with an introduction to skills such as palpation of fetal position during pregnancy, and an introduction to basic pelvic examination.

A summary of the workshop outline:

Day One ~ Friday 10:00 – 6:30 

Registration and Introductions
Defining Our Role
Understanding the Dance of Labor: The 4 P’s
Gate Control: Three Ways to Reduce
Pain in Labor
Tools of the Trade: Comfort Measures,
Using the 5 Senses

Day Two ~ Saturday 9:00 – 7:00
Physiological “Normal” Labor & Birth
vs “Typical Birth”
Birth Plans & BRAIN
Experiential Learning: Touching & Listening with Pregnant Volunteers
Breathing, Relaxation & Positions in Labor

Day Three ~ Sunday 9:00 – 7:00
Cesarean Sections & VBACs
Experiential Learning: Vaginal Exams, Creating a Safe Space
Birth Scenarios
Working with Interventions
Ethical Guidelines for Birth Doulas
Working with Interventions: What, Why, When, Options
Designing Your Practice: Services, Compensation, Marketing, Contracts

Review our Certification Requirements 

Join us for this transformative weekend!

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