Perinatal Loss & Traumatic Grief: The Gift of Full Presence A Workshop for Birth Attendants

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This is a two-day experiential and empirical workshop for professional doulas and birth workers. Attendees will receive an overview of traumatic grief—what it is and how mothers and their partners are impacted in labor, birth, through the postpartum period and beyond.

Laboring and living through the life-changing impact of the death of a baby, and the resulting traumatic grief, is a feat that is far better accomplished with understanding, knowledge, support, attention and love. Providing these to the mothers and families affected by this life altering event is an art informed by science. You will learn what defines traumatic grief, and the myriad ways parents and families living with traumatic grief are impacted, how couples grieve differently, ways our culture responds to the death of a baby and how you can support your families in the acute stages as well as long-term of traumatic grief. Additionally, you will learn ways that a compassionate model of treatment and care, informed by empathy, builds bridges to those in pain while also helping to guard against vicarious trauma, improving psychosocial outcomes for providers working with those in traumatic grief. We will also take a look at research on mindfulness, grief, self-care, compassion and the benefits to self and others.

Doulas, social workers, childbirth educators, midwives, OB-Gyns, nurses, lactation consultants and birth workers of all kinds can benefit from this training experience.

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Schedule & Objectives

Instructor: Karla Helbert LPC

Karla Helbert is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), a Compassionate Bereavement Care® provider certified through the MISS Foundation and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Trust and a certified yoga instructor. Karla’s psychotherapy practice has a focus on loss, grief and bereavement, working in particular with those affected by trauma and traumatic death and the death of a child. When Karla’s infant son died in 2006 of a brain tumor, her life was changed forever. She spends much of her professional and all of her volunteer time supporting other bereaved parents through her work individually and through the MISS Foundation.

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