Acupressure Workshop Testimonials

What Do Acupressure Workshop Participants Say About Their Experience?


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Acupressure for Birth workshop with Keith Bell. What a warm and funny guy and the way he presented the information was very easy to understand and his enthusiasm and energy was contagious! I have always used massage and aromatherapy in my practice and it is so exciting to add these new tools into the mix. Acupressure adds a deeper respect and understanding into the use of touch and intention during labor and birth. The mind-body connection is so important and you will be fascinated by what you learn! I highly recommend for other doulas and birth workers to take this workshop!” — Sara K


“I’m incredibly grateful to have attended toLabor’s Acupressure workshop with Keith Bell. This workshop has not only added useful tools to my “doula tool bag”, but has also given me new skills to use in the weeks leading up a woman’s birth to help prepare her and her body for a efficient and healthy birth. In the first day we learned the  theory behind acupressure and spent time finding the different points on each other. On the second day we had a full day to practice putting the different points together to utilize unique protocols for labor, malpresentation, stubborn cervical lips, and morning morning sickness to name a few. I would recommend this training to all birth workers. It has changed my practice for the better, and for the benefit of all the future mothers, partners, and babies I will have the honor to work with!” — Joy B


“This workshop changed the way I think about the challenges of labor. Not only did it give me a valuable new set of tools to use with my clients, it also contributed important insights into how the mind and body work together to achieve optimum health. I’ve already started using what I learned, and I’ve already seen amazing results. Thank you, toLabor and Keith Bell!” — Heather MF


“I am thankful to have learned such a valuable skill from such a wonderful teacher. I am honored to be able to do this good work, and I’m looking forward to incorporating it into my practice.” —  Cindi M


“The Acupressure seminar with Keith bell was so incredibly eye opening to me. Not only did I get to learn how to help my clients more prenatally, but I also learned how to help make labor, birth, and postpartum an even more amazing and profound experience for my clients. All the while being in the presence of my fellow doulas! What an amazing energy. I know the acupressure points that we learned will be of great use in my practice, and I am so grateful to Keith for his selfless way of teaching and his willingness to share his intuitive wisdom with the birthing community.” — Kristy W

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