Why choose toLabor? Ask our participants!

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“My experience with toLabor has been wonderful from the beginning! The organization was easy to communicate with and quick to respond to emails with helpful information.. Thérèse is an AMAZING  facilitator and teacher. I felt at ease with her and the other women as soon as we began. She created a safe space and encouraging discussions, questions and differing opinions. Her professional experience was so helpful & encouraging but she never seemed “superior” or condescending. I enjoyed how the structure of the workshop not only educated and prepared me but also created a wonderful bond with the other women. I loved every minute! ”

“My life is such a transition right now. I feel that I am preparing to give birth to my new self. toLabor’s doula training has been my life doula this weekend! toLabor was also my doula through the pregnancy of my new self in the past year. I have come to find my voice, advocate for myself and stand up for my desires. I found the passion I want to pursue in life. Thank you for this beautiful empowering, transformative experience that has assisted me in crossing the threshold from my old life into the new! I can’t wait to start birth work!”Karen

“toLabor’s approach to doula training offers a few unique, and I feel important, components in it’s training of birth attendants. From my discussions with doulas trained under other programs, toLabor seems to discuss alternatives to the technocratic model of birth as well as whole family care in the postpartum period in greater depth than other training organizations. There was a strong emphasis on being an advocate for the laboring woman and what that means exactly. A primary focus of toLabor is on birth as a human right that transcended race, cultures, borders, religions, etc. Thérèse, certainly carries that message as part of the workshops for doulas. Since my background is in human rights law, I specifically sought out this kind of training and continue to do so.

I feel I benefited greatly from Thérèse’s expertise as a midwife’s assistant. I have called on her many times since my initial training for her guidance in personal struggles with my clients, as well as for some grounding words of wisdom to help me take my next steps in midwifery, childbirth education, and postpartum care. Since toLabor is a smaller organization with a dedicated core mission and program outlines, all toLabor trained doulas get a similarly inclusive, boundary pushing, and thorough base training. I still feel I made the absolute right decision in attending that workshop with toLabor over any of the other possible training, despite the appeal of more name recognition.” — Emily, Massage Therapist

“LOVED! I been to several doula and midwifery workshops and this one, by far, was the best!”Lacey

“I must say words cannot express how touched I was by your thorough evaluation and personalized input on my certification packet. It is so unique to have such continuity in training and certifying. Thank you for all the effort you put into toLabor and into us doulas! This process has and continues to be transformative!”Sarah

“The components of social justice and being a birth advocate are what separate toLabor from other doula training organizations for me. Yes, it is important to know how to support a woman in labor emotionally, physically, and educationally. Yes, it is important to be recognized and compensated as a professional in your career choice as a doula and birth worker. The toLabor training had both of these components but for me, the most important part of birth work is to know that it is my responsibility not just with each client, but also in my actions in the birth community and in my life as a citizen, to advocate for informed decision-making in pregnancy and childbirth.”Christina

“I learned so much in your doula training class. I’m still benefiting from all that I learned that weekend… things you taught me had a wonderful positive impact on my life.”Valerie

“I loved this workshop so much! Working in the environment as I do, I sadly did not know what “normal” was. After this training I do and I hope to bring this knowledge to my future patients as a nurse and of course, as a doula.”Amanda, Nursing Student

“This workshop was such a wonderful, life changing experience. The instructor’s passion, humor, and professionalism not only led us all on a great journey towards empowering the woman in labor, but also brought many of us to a higher understanding of our own birth experiences. What a special and invaluable gift. Thank you for empowering me to empower others.” — Melanie

“I found that I liked this organization best because they required more to become certified, thus making sure you knew what you needed to know.”Tashina 

“Everyone should take this workshop, even if they don’t become a doula. I learned more this weekend than I did in my childbirth class when I was pregnant!”Shel T

“As a social worker, toLabor’s activist-orientated trainings felt like they best aligned with my desire to work for pregnant people of marginalized backgrounds. I wanted my doula education to be in a social justice context and I was not disappointed. toLabor not only taught from this framework, but attracted other student doulas with the similar ideologies. I am so fortunate to have met them.

My social work education has taught me the importance of being client-centered, and my doula training expanded on this exponentially. It’s not about your personal feelings on physiologic or medicalized birth – it’s about radically accepting your client and their desires. I’m currently helping a client plan out a beautiful “belly birth” (her term for her upcoming c-section) and I feel like the non-judgmental, supportive nature of the toLabor training has given me great tools to assist her. These principles are the reason I chose toLabor, and they were very present throughout our entire weekend.” — Kayla, Social Worker

“It was fantastic! I think it was great for me to do while in nursing school as it has helped me see other perspectives.” — Claire, Nursing Student

“I really appreciate how much we emphasized the importance of language and how we communicate when we are assisting at a birth.”Amy M.

“The toLabor doula training to me is what every form of education should be – a strong basis in actual information, offered by a guiding hand, with complete openness to the possibilities to come, and true compassion for every thought, every body, every being. toLabor workshops – and the leaders, perhaps most remarkably – embody a truly unique combination of knowledge, feeling, passion, presence, activism, community, raw strength, and resolve, without the slightest hint of an agenda, resistance, dogma, egoism, or ultimatum. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to become a doula, or just a little more human.”Megan, Nurse

“As a prenatal yoga instructor who wanted to deepen my knowledge of birth and support of laboring women, I chose to attend the toLabor Birth Doula training because of its women-centered, holistic, caring approach. The toLabor mission aligned with what I was already trying to do in my yoga classes–empower women–and as soon as I attended the workshop I knew that I was in the exact right place. toLabor workshops are so skillfully taught and combine evidence-based practices with heart-centered approaches. Not only did I learn about the skills needed to become a doula, I learned how to empower myself as a woman doing this deeply meaningful work. I am so happy that I chose toLabor for my birth doula training and have recommended it to my yoga colleagues who also want to become doulas!”Michelle, Prenatal Yoga Instrustor

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